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CreativeMargin partnered with a manufacturing company outside of Chicago and rolled out a processing control system over a period of years -- growing the system as the company grew. The system tracked production from resource acquisition to process completion. After the last period of expansion, they replaced the system with Microsoft Great Plains.
CreativeMargin partnered with the Materials Management Division in a Division 2 State University in the Southeast to provide automation in purchasing and inventory management -- moving from paper-based workflow to integrated online processing. When integration became a state-wide priority, the system was replaced by PeopleSoft.
CreativeMargin partnered with the maintenance training division of national airline to provide an secure, online, SCORM-compliant learning management system for training of an international workforce. The system cut costs in communication as overnight deliveries of learning packages were phased out and maintenance communication was done through the portal.
CreativeMargin partnered with a national liberal arts college in the Northwest to provide an online workgroup environment for coordinating communication and distributing information among management board members. The system was built to integrate with the school's existing technology platform and hosted at the university's data center.
Before founding CreativeMargin, Daniel J. Pfeifer served as Administrative Upgrade Project Director and Chief Technology Officer at a national liberal arts college in the Midwest. Dan partnered with colleagues across the university as they worked together to upgrade business information workflow and the data systems providing online support.
Daniel J. Pfeifer of CreativeMargin partnered with scholars from around the country to to explore new ways to deliver experiences in academic methodology. The "Scholar's Way of Thinking and Writing" is the result of a collaboration among professors across 25 academic disciplines to provide students with an orientation into the college curriculum.
While at Wake Forest University, Daniel J. Pfeifer of CreativeMargin applied learning theory to information transfer of geography knowledge. Shock-ing Geography, so named because the system used Macromedia Shockwave (now Adobe), was the product of this learning analysis providing maps for global regions and beginner, intermediate, and advanced tutorial levels.

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Imagine Michelangelo's dumpster. How many priceless works of art would we find that were simply not good enough for the master? Whether your goal is to expand your creative margin or to compress it, we can help.
How much work do you do to support the work you do? Like trying to make one photocopy. You wait for the photocopier to warm up; you replace toner; you reload paper; you clear paper jams; all you wanted to do was make a copy.
Do you see people or companies who are active and focused even in their leisure. All of their busy-ness is engaged in a comprehensive direction. To achieve this comprehensive endeavor requires a crucial balance of vision and production pursuits.
How long does it take to learn something, really? Why do some people learn faster than others or remember more when there doesn't seem to be a difference in aptitude? There are more effective ways to learn, and we're exploring them.
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